Observation Of Lesbian Bars

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For my first assignment, I spent two hours observing customers’ interaction in a fancy bar in downtown Toronto. During my observation, I see people chatting, playing their phones and doing make-ups. These are the type of interaction commonly found in a bar. As a space defined by alcohol selling, bars have become the exclusive place where adults find entertainment, socialise with other like-minded people and escape temporarily from the scary world of stress, work, and sometimes, oppression. Lesbian bars are a potential candidate that fulfil all of them. Do lesbian-bar-goers think that lesbian bars are safe shelters? Do they behave or express themselves differently in lesbian bars compared to when they are in other public space because lesbian bars are safer? What are the reasons and meanings behind the ways in which they choose to behave or express themselves? What is the significance of having lesbian bars in their daily lives? I propose to answer these sociological questions through my research. I will also use gender-neutral pronoun to avoid exclusion in this assignment.
In order to obtain empirical information, I would like to combine observation with interview to acquire my data. First and foremost, I would search for the most popular lesbian bars among lesbian communities in Toronto and the time period during which they are busiest, so that I would be able to have more observations. I would go to multiple bars for observation to ensure that my data are diverse in terms

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