Observing Adolescents Through Adolescent Males And Females

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Do you remember adolescence ? The awkwardness, the pimples, the first crush, the first kiss? Wasn’t it the best? Don’t you wish you could go back? I don’t. Like most people I hated adolescence it was a strange and confusing time. Looking back at my adolescents I sometimes wonder why I acted the way I did. During this observation I couldn’t help but think “ I really hope I wasn 't this bad back then,” but lets face it I probably was.


My group observed adolescents, we were looking for variations in behavior between males and females. We theorized that in public places adolescent males and females would act differently according to the environment they were in. We also predicted that their behavior would be influenced by who they were around, peers or parents. O 'Koon, J. (1997), did a study looking at adolescents relationships to parents and peers. In his study he found that females had a much stronger attachment to their peers than males, attachment to parents was strong for both. In our observations we saw some similar results.

For our research project we split our group and divided up the observation tasks. One part of the group went to the mall, another went to a high school football game and a high school volleyball game. I went to the mall for my observation, more specifically I went to the most popular adolescent stores stores such as Forever 21, American Eagle, Dicks

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