Observing In The Children's Pre-School

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Observing in the children’s pre-school was an incredible opportunity because I had the ability to physically see sign language being practiced in the classroom. It was exciting to see the children signing and speaking to both the teacher and the graduate students in the pre-school while having normal conversations with their peers. Before coming to college, I never had any exposure to sign language, so being able to see a group of children learning curriculum with both of these communication methods was intriguing and fun to watch. During my observation period, the classroom was having snack time for the children. Each child was required to line up, use the restroom, wash their hands, and get a cup of water to drink with their snacks. The snacks that were provided for the day included a cup of jello and a handful of goldfish.…show more content…
The children who were not using amplification were learning sign language as their primary mode of communication, while the children with hearing amplification were learning both sign language and spoken English. Before coming to college, I did not have exposure to sign language or individuals who were deaf, so being able to see the young children function with both of these aspects fascinated me. In conclusion, I enjoyed observing the pre-school because it reminded me that the Communication Sciences and Disorders field is extremely rewarding, and we need to be more competent when it comes to surrounding ourselves with different cultures. After watching the teachers and graduate students, I can visualize myself working in this career, which motivates me to work hard and continue my education. Overall, I had a great experience at the pre-school, and I plan to observe frequently throughout my college years at Missouri State
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