Obsession With The Piano Research Paper

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The obsession with the piano marks the beginning of my metamorphosis. Before the obsession, I was the definition of mediocrity. I never worked hard and received a good grade in school and felt no need to improve my academic performance. I had sudden urges to become better, but they never lasted more than a couple days. My heart was a peaceful but stagnant pond.
At first, I played the piano to distract myself from the anxiety about the new school and my lack of progress in fitting in. One night, I found myself enthralled by Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata and thinking, “I want my piano to sound like that. I want to do better.” That was the moment that Beethoven kindled my heart, and I loved it.
The next day, I started practicing Pathetique Sonata 3rd movement. It was challenging, but the difficulty was merely a fuel to my heart. I practiced, practiced, and practiced for hours and hours every day until Mom got angry at me for playing too much.
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At this point, I was already imagining myself holding a trophy from winning a competition and becoming a famous concert pianist.
After listening to it, I realized that me playing the piano is a lot like me singing; I think I’m okay at singing but people tell me I’m terrible. Beethoven stabbed my heart, and I felt like giving up.
But I didn’t give up and began to practice more assiduously. Three months later, I began to notice the lack of progress. I realized that I had reached my limit.
I felt very depressed for my lack of ability. Other kids are already playing Chopin or Liszt at this age. Why can’t I be like them? Am I not working hard enough? Is it my
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