Octavius Augustus Ceasar's Thirst for Power

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Octavius Caesar was known as a cruel, power hungry leader, that had the desire and thirst, to obtain all the power he could. Octavius had such a hunger for power, he wouldn’t let anything stand in his way of getting it.
Octavius Caesar, otherwise known as Caesar Augustus, was the first emperor of the Roman Empire. Octavius was born in September of 63 B.C, and died sometime in august of 14 A.D. He lived to be 76 years of age, there are many conspiracies that say his wife may have poisoned him, but most people say he died of natural causes. Caesar had a lot of adoptive children, such as Gaius and Lucius Caesar, Agrippa Postumus and Tiberius. Tiberius is the successor to the throne after Caesar dies. Tiberius took the throne after Octavius died in 14 A.D.
Octavius was born into a family with few connections. He was a sickly child; he was small in stature, with bad teeth and spots covering his body, with many birthmarks on his chest and belly. Octavius was the great nephew of Julius Caesar; Julius Caesar won the civil war in 46 B.C, and was named dictator of Rome Julius then said to the people “I came, I saw, I conquered”. Julius needed and heir to succeed him. Having no children he adopted Octavius. His name was then changed to Gaius Julius Caesar. Octavius did not learn of this until the assassination of Julius Caesar, and it wasn’t until the reading of Julius’ will that everyone learned that Octavius was now the successor to Julius, and the power he had was going to Octavius.

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