The Importance of Octavius Augustus Ceasar i

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Octavius Augustus Ceasar is probably the most important person in the history of Rome. Octavius ruled from 27 BC to 14 AD. During his time as ruler, the Roman Empire experienced its longest time of peace. Because he knew his people, had a strong military background, knew how to solve problems, Patience, and created a new government, this is why Octavius “Augustus” Ceasar was a great leader.
One reason Caesar was a good ruler was his strong military background. Despite Octavius being a sickly child, and short with pale complexion. Always having terrible teeth even as he got older he was always pale skinned and short. Octavius served with Julius Caesar in the Spanish expedition of 46 BC, and he was to take a command spot in Caesar's planned Parthian expedition of 44 BC even though at that time he was only an 18 year-old teenager. Octavius was with his friends completing his academic and military school when he heard about Caesar's death. Needless to say, he was upset about what happened and left for Rome as soon as he heard. Julius had adopted Octavius thus making him the next ruler in his will. Without a doubt this increased the urge to avenge his “father’s” murder. As Antony was deemed an enemy of the state, Octavius needed to defeat him. In the summer of 31 BC, Antony moved his army to Greece with Octavius not far behind. Octavius brought his head military advisor and long time friend Agrippa to take over his navy. Although Antony and Octavius’s armies were pretty even,

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