October Sky Analysis

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October Sky
The enlightening and inspirational true story of Homer Hickam in October Sky directed by Joe Johnston reminds us all to aim for our goals and never give up, even while battling difficulty. However, Homer was struggling for a great deal in his pursuit of rocketry, he was even struggling for his life. Born in a coal mining town, son of a foreman, Homer seemed destined to work the mine when he grew up. But in October Sky, Homer has to overcome what the mine represents: isolation and darkness. Mining coal isolates many of the characters from each other throughout the storyline. The main antagonist, Homer’s father, John, frequently seems distant from his own family because of emergencies and accidents inside the mine that demand his utmost attention. Even Homer’s mother, Elsie, threatens to leave him if he doesn’t become more attentive to their son’s interest in rocketry. Homer decides to drop out of high school and become a miner to provide for his family after John is injured in a mine accident and the family won’t have enough money to continue their current …show more content…

When Miss Riley was accused of giving false hopes she held her ground and continued to support the boys whether it earned the disapproval of others. Great teachers can present a world of opportunity to those who may not have any. Great teachers can shine their light and allow their ability to help others even in the darkness of a small, failing mining town. Miss Riley used her talents to brighten the Rocket Boy’s horizons in a community little expectations were placed on them and even less opportunities were available. The movie October Sky gives a very positive depiction of a teacher as Miss Riley says, “How about I believe in the unlucky ones? If I don’t I’d probably go crazy.” She is a friend, a role model, a source of knowledge, and, most importantly, a light in a town of

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