October Sky Character Analysis

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October Sky: Emotions Everyone’s done it. Said something that was meant to sound like something, but then sounded like they were saying it another way. Well I’ve found a way to train yourself into knowing how they meant to say it, you read a book and you try to identify the emotions of the characters. In the memoir October Sky, the character, Homer Hickam, shows lots of different emotions. The true story was published in1998, it’s about a boy and his friends who build and launch off their own rockets in their hometown Coalwood, West Virginia. In this story Homer’s biggest change is his emotions. Three examples would be: when he gets Mr. Bykovski resigned to a different job and killed, when Ms. Riley gave him a rocket science book, and when he launches off his final rocket in Coalwood. Wouldn’t you feel guilty if you accidentally got someone reassigned from their job, and then killed? Well Homer knows how that feels. When he was first starting out in the rocket business he went to a friendly welder named Mr. Bykovski, Mr. Bykovski agreed to help Homer. Homer’s dad didn’t approve of his rocket building activities, and he claimed that Mr. Bykovski helped Homer “steal,” which earned Mr. Bykovski a “promotion” to title as coal loader: “He [Mr. Bykovski] smiled a sad smile. ‘Anyways, perhaps it is a good thing he has done I will make more money loading coal’” (114). Mr. Bykovski got in trouble for doing something nice for Homer, making Homer felt real guilty. But wait, there’s

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