Oedipus Carr Chapter Summary Sparknotes

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My interpretations of the first chapters of Carr’s book lead me to believe that technology may or may not take the place of highly trained individuals, but they can enhance the ways in which they perform a job. Today, we are constantly looking for something to reduce the amount of work we have to do, saving time and creating convenience. While this might seem like a good thing, it actually makes the work we do easier, removing the complexity, diminishing the challenge and engagement they once offered. We will continue to use technology as a means for comparison between the advancement of nations. Currently, instead of skilled laborers, we will need skilled individuals who are developing the technologies that have now replaced certain workers. The jobs are shifting.…show more content…
Automation can become a problem; whereas the software makes it even less likely that we’ll engage in efforts that test our skills. So the freedom and power we once felt because we knew a skill that someone else might not have, is no longer the case. Carr also points out that we become lazier in our free time, instead of partaking in a challenging activity, we watch TV, get on Facebook, play meaningless games. Lastly, the limitation of certain technologies is that of human consequences regarding automation. Chapter three gives the example of the commercial pilot, who has evolved into a computer operator, so instead of being in control of the situation, they are there to fix problems if they arise. This becomes a problem when technology malfunctions, and technology malfunction is relatable concern in many other
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