Of Mice And Men: Plot Summary

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The movie begins at a farm with workers and a post boy showing up to bring mail and the father trying to make a rocking chair that ends up breaking once sat on by him. Followed by the father visiting a grave assumed to be his wife's so far. Then we are now in the house were two of his boys are very excited to open the mail waiting for their fathers say to open it. Going through the mail one of the boys names a name a says that he has joined the continentales, but the father follows that up with the fact that he has been called in by the assembly and that they are now off to Charles Town. They arrive in Charles Town only to go to their aunt's house I am assuming that the aunt was on the mother's side. We quickly come to a scene outside with…show more content…
Only to find later that they are killing soldiers families and that one found his family and killed himself. Knowing this Benjamin goes to his family at an African American camp. Gabriel then marries his love, Trisha. Benjamin and Gabriel then set off again. When Trisha returns to her home the British are there and want answers they are then given answers, but are burned to death in a church. The British leave but once the do the continentales arrive to see this once Gabriel learns of this he takes men and hunts down the British to kill them he succeeds, but at the cost of his life. Not even killing the man that gave the order. The men taken to a camp to be put to rest and at that time Benjamin find the Colony flag among his son’s belongings and in the morning raises it high as the soldiers march. They then take a night to prepare for a battle against the British holding the flag high. Britain and Colonies lining up in the beginning the British seem to be winning, by the continentales make a tactical retreat where they lead Britain to continental troops at the bottom of a hill. During this battle Benjamin sees his men retreating and takes the flag and runs toward the fight saying to hold the line inspiring future Americans to fights. Now the battle in favor of the colonies Benjamin focuses on the man who killed his son riding on horse back straight towards him and shoves the flag into the house. Benjamin takes a shot at the enemy hitting him in the shoulder then going to sword to tomahawk battle. In the end Benjamin lost his tomahawk and used a musket banquet to avenge his son's. After the crashing blow the colonies delivered Britain than retreated. In the end it ended in Yorktown with the colonies surrounding them on the ground and the French on the water. Britain than surrendered with what came. Benjamin then said goodbye to friends he had had and left to return to his
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