Of Mice And Men Power Essay

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Power is usually measured through physical power and mental power. Several different kinds of power appear in the book, and Steinbeck shows clearly how each of them carries with it a heavy responsibility,Though not every character is able to measure up to this with success powers. By how the characters act and how they treat each other shows what powers they have. Lennie, the strongest character (physically) can Buck barley and is a very good worker but is not very bright. Even though Lennie is physically stronger than everyone he is mentally challenged and needs help from everyone to live. Curley fought Lennie and Lennie crushed curley's hand in self defense, but he only did it because George told him to. Lennie is powerful but doesn't…show more content…
well George, George is Lennie's caretaker, best friend etc George has authority and power over Lennie ever since they were kids cause he was always so troubled with his disabilities. George drags Lennie around and bosses him around to do things for him. George doesn't have the strength to match lennie but mentally he is much smarter than lennie. George of does not have power over his spending limit because he always goes out to a whore house and waste the money George is very cautious on things so he would usually have power to control the situation. George has power over lennie but he isn't very responsible with his money and gets sidetracked very easily but is always very cautious on the situation he's in. Curley, a guy who always wants to fight anyone and everyone mostly big guys like Lennie Curley is always looking for a fight because he wants power so if he beats the strong guy he gains power he's always picking on george and Lennie because they are new to the ranch and he's been there longer than them. Curley is also the son of the ranch owner which kinda makes it so he has more power than others. overall Curley has power because he is the son of the ranch owner and beats people up to gain power over
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