Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

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Life Is Not A Bed of Roses
Life is not a bed of roses. People use this expression to stress the fact that there are and will be difficulties in life. John Steinbeck, in his novella Of Mice and Men, does not fall short of the same views. It takes place in the year 1937, a period associated with the Great Depression, and illustrates the hardships of the time, and more so those that laborers such as George and Lennie experience. Life proves to be full of disappointments for both men who are victims of harsh circumstances in more ways than one. The two have a dream to own a farm of their own but circumstance and fate robs them of their dream for a better life. This is a depiction of the lost American Dream during the Great Depression which
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Additionally, Of Mice and Men depicts the broken dream of the two protagonists, Lennie and George. The two men, whose dream is to own a farm of their own, despise working on ranches as George denotes in his statement, “For two bits I'd shove out of here. If we can get jus' a few dollars in the poke we'll shove off and go up the American River and pan gold. We can make maybe a couple of dollars a day there, and we might hit a pocket…We gotta stay” (Steinbeck 33). George fantasizes about leaving the ranch, but he knows that both he and Lennie will not be able to survive without a job. Candy, also a worker on the Californian farm, offers his life savings to Lennie and George so as to be included in their plan to buy a place of their own. This shows the dream of the workers, who hope to leave employment and have farms of their own. Now, the line “Nowhere else to go/ Work satisfies” further demonstrates that there is no other choice but to work and keep up a stake as that is the only way to survive. Any desire to give up work to lead an effortless lifestyle is disregarded, as many people of this time, the Great Depression, are realists. They understand that chasing a dream unrealistic of this time period is foolish and without a doubt will end badly.
Despite working hard towards their dream, the protagonists do not live to

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