Off Broadway Research Paper

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Broadway is a street in New York City that runs the full length of Manhattan and consists of many professional theatres which of course is where most professional actors are being cast. The stretch that includes these theatres is called the Theatre District. It is also known as “The Great White Way” due to the fact that it was one of the first streets in the United States to be lit with electricity ("What's So Special About Broadway?"). Broadway is a general term for the shows that are performed there. There are approximately 40 theatres on this street, all producing many great productions of musicals and plays. The longest running show that has been produced on Broadway is The Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber, which opened in 1988…show more content…
. ."). These theatres serve as smaller professional theatres that typically “test” potential shows for the Broadway stage. These theatres are very beneficial because they provide smaller communities and more opportunities for actors to “become known” and network themselves into the business. Many great shows are produced Off-Broadway and soon make their way to become huge on Broadway, for instance the musicals Hamilton (Lin-Manuel Miranda) and Rent (Jonathan Larson) both started on these smaller…show more content…
I want to travel and work with companies and new people and enjoy my life. I hope that I can work on cruises and travel to different countries performing for different theatres. One cruise that I would love to work on is the Disney Cruise and one theatre that I would really enjoy performing at is The London Playhouse. They hire professional actors and produce great shows that are entertaining to many kinds of audiences. Being famous would be nice, but as long as I am happy and I am working, I do not mind being unknown or in the background. I enjoy theatre because it provides insight to understanding humans and their behavior. This is not through lectures and textbooks, but through real experiences on a live stage. The understanding of behavior is shown through performing realistic (or metaphorical) situations that audience members can relate to or learn from. This provides comfort for an audience member to compare their lives to the ones that are spilling onstage. For me as the performer, it also provides a comfort because I can conform into another person and flee from any struggles that I am having in my
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