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This letter is in response to your complaint in reference to your son, Joseph Deffenbaugh Moschetti sustaining injuries while in foster care. You initially spoke to the Foster Care Ombudsman, Darin Mancuso from the Governor’s Advocacy Office (GAO) on June 15, 2015 after Mr. Mancuso saw your posts on Facebook regarding the injuries your son sustained while in foster care. Please accept this letter in response to your expressed concerns and as an explanation of our findings based on our investigation and review of the complaint.

To clarify the role of the GAO, this office is under both the Governor 's Office and the Department of Human Services (DHS) Director 's Office and we independently review or investigate any matters of complaint or concern that a constituent reports having with a DHS program or service. Because we are under the DHS umbrella, we have the authorization to access client information systems and confidential case files. As your concern was specific to your son in foster care, the Foster Care Ombudsman completed this investigation.
Per our discussion the complaints in regards to you son, Joseph Deffenbaugh Moschetti is as follows:

1) Pictures of a Joseph with bruising and small scratches on his ear, leg and forehand.
2) Joseph was attacked by a cat in his foster home and received multiple injuries.
3) Joseph had a black eye and cut approximately three months previous to the current injuries.
4) Concern that Joseph had redness on his penis while in…
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