Old Testament Book Summaries Essay

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Cheryl Welch


Bible 104 D67

November 15, 2011

Summary of the books of the Old Testament Books


The genre of this book is law and it was written by Moses, although it is believed that Joshua reported on his death. The key themes include God’s covenant with Israel, instructions on the early Israelite religion, instructions on the sacrificial system, holiness, cleanliness and the priesthood. God had intervened and delivered the people from slavery and was now establishing his expectations for their behavior and conduct. The major events are God speaking to Moses on Mt. Sinai and giving him the instructions for the structure of the socioeconomic-judicial-political-religious system. These instructions include
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The book of Judges ends with the people in a dire state, with everyone “doing as they saw fit” and no king top rule them.


The genre of this book is wisdom. Written mostly by King Solomon, the book of Proverbs is filled with short statements of wisdom and ethics. The key themes are the fear of the Lord, understanding, and seeking wisdom. Proverbs advises against prostitution and countersigning notes. It councils people to save for the future, work hard, trust in the Lord, be patient, and accept criticism. There are no major events in this book. It is filled with expressions and phrases to guide people in their everyday lives. Proverbs teaches us that the “fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”. It teaches the young to follow the teachings of their parents and to always look to the Lord for all things and he will “make your paths straight”. Overall, Proverbs contains practical instructions for our lives in the ways of the Lord, and warns us of the pitfalls of straying from theses basic truths.


The genre of this book is prophecy. The key themes in the book of Isaiah are punishment, holiness, messiah, salvation, and hope. The major events are the call of Isaiah to be a prophet for the Lord, the suffering servant, and the prophecy of the virgin birth. Isaiah understands that God is a god of mercy,
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