Olympus Greek Mythology

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Prologue and chapter 1: Gods of Olympus? High up in the heavens stood a gigantic landmass of unknown length and wight. The enormous land seem to have been magical created by a ' supreme being' as the land was divided into a three parts. The first part being , a city that was far bigger than any mortal cities, even in modern times. The city seem to have gone through ten of thousands of years as a ancient aura radiates from it. In the middle of the city, stood a statue of unknown origins. The statue was of a huge skeleton sitting on a throne made out of beast bones. The statue was so lifelike that it seem it could come to life at any moment. The second part, was the mountain range that spread to a area far bigger than the city by a few times. The mountain range had a few mountains that numbered '41' in total, …show more content…

" Silince" a voice sound , as if use to command people , sounded as all of them instinctively became quite. " Good, it seem you all understand. Now all of you listen well" as the voice spoke all of them look to the source and found it, it was the statue. At some point, it came to life as crimson flames burn within its eyes as it look at them. Some of the where scared, but soon calmed down as they felt that this being would not harm them. Not understanding why they had this feeling, they listen to the statue quitely. "Good. All of you present was created by me, so in a sense I'm your father, of course you can't have father without a mother now can you? In the future you will meet each other, but not now." The statue seem quite amused as he said this as he saw the change of the little beings expression. " Now where was I? Oh yes, when I created you all, I added some of my essence into all of you so

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