On Becoming A Leader : Alfred North Whitehead 's Advice Essay

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We must acknowledge that life has never been easy and is expanding more complex all the time. From the author’s, Warren Bennis, point of view, the advocates of simplicity see reality as mechanical, static, segmented, and rational, when it is, indeed, organic, dynamic, whole, and ambiguous.

In addition, Basically, the advocates of simplicity see relationships as linear, sequential and serial, discrete, singular and in- dependent, when they are, parallel and simultaneous, connected, murky, multiple and interdependent. They are determinists, believers in cause-and-effect, when, indeed, probability is the rule and the inevitable hardly ever happens.

The author of the book “On Becoming a Leader” believes that the universe is not very difficult and complicated. Moreover, the social laws are more complicated and complex and less accurate that the natural ones. A practical advice regarding this subject is Alfred North Whitehead’s advice “ Seek Simplicity, then distrust it”.

In chapter “Operating on Instinct”, recent research declares that the geography of the human’s brain is not as strictly delineated as we thought. However, it is useful to think of American organizational life as a left-brain culture, meaning logical, analytical, technical, controlled, conservative, and administrative. In fact, we still have that belief of we are dominated and shaped by those same characteristic. Indeed, our culture needs more right-brain qualities, needs to be more intuitive, conceptual,…
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