On Sleep and Dreaming

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Dreaming is described in varies ways. Many people in the early days interpreted dreams as a way of communicating with god. Messages were said to be sent through dreams to communicate with the immortals. Sigmund Freud believed that every dream had a meaning behind it. There were also many other psychologists with other perspectives on dreams. Sleep is also a major part of our everyday lives. Without sleep, we would have no energy to do our normal everyday routines. Sleep has many stages and also had REM and NREM sleep. Sleeping is very critical for people. There are also certain hours that a person should sleep or else they will be sleep deprived. The following will discuss the stages of sleeping, sleep deprivation, and will also talk about why we dream, and what it has to do with our everyday lives.
Sleep has its stages. Stage one is when your heart rate decelerates, your blood pressure decreases, and your breathing starts to become regular. This period is also known as “presleep” where you could still be awakened. During this period you could experience odd images or have hallucinations. This stages also consists feelings of floating, visual images, or slipping. During stage one, if you have not yet been awakened, you will shortly shift into stage two. In stage two you become less responsive to the environment around you. When you fall in deeper sleep you could be found in Stages three or four. During these two stages, it is…
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