On Writing Stephen King Summary

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The crafted memoir of Stephen King “On Writing”, starts off as an autobiography of several tales of inspirational breakthroughs and unfortunate mishaps. “On Writing” recollected with me, From a young age, Stephen King learned the reality of the real world. Though I was much older than Stephen King when my parents had separated I too dealt with the same circumstance. Though I wish i've had the geniuses of Dave King or the talent of Stephen King. My mother didn't just separate with my father, but with her own children. My father struggling to make ends meat for his 5 kids he, too, like Nellie Stephens mother had to make sacrifices. My father became a very busy man I hardly ever got to see him, like Stephen I grew up with lots of sitters. Ordinarily because of the time difference between Stephen and I Stephen saw the world before social media and electronics by his own creativity. Therefore, I found it very discouraging to know that by seven years old, Stephen had begun writing stories. No doubt in my opinion the first part the “C.V.”, King's background story is a very important piece of information. Not for this response paper, but for the readers out there who are in the same way like I need tips and encouragement in ways of tackling writing. I find writing to be torture or more as a punishment from hell. As I read “On Writing”, strangely enough the book felt more as a one on one lesson with Stephen King himself. Ironically “On Writing” isn't so much of a grammar book, but

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