`` One Art `` By Elizabeth Bishop

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“One Art” written by Elizabeth Bishop is a poem that can be read to describe how a person sometimes may lose things but in the end, those things were meant to be lost. The practice of losing things may be as simple as losing ordinary house keys. Yet losing things can progress to where a person may start to lose more significant things such as mentioned in the poem, like names and places to even a mother’s watch. Even though a person may end up mastering the art of losing, there are things that may not seem like a disaster but are. A person cannot fix what has been done, all they can do is cope with the loss. Throughout the 18 years, I have lived on this earth I can say that I have experienced what it means to lose something very valuable …show more content…

I felt bad knowing how she felt and how mean people could be. I started to talk to her and be more of a friend to her. It was not a bad decision at all. We started to hang out more and see that we had a lot of things in common as friends. Our friendship grew and she thanked me for being the only person that would talk to her and be her friend. By eighth grade, I managed to bring her into the group of friends I was in and by that time we had formed a true friendship bond that we knew, or somewhat thought, would last forever. She had become my best friend, the main person I could count on to be there for me through the good and bad times. No matter what anyone would say about us, we stuck by each other’s side. We made the best out of our eighth-grade year. When it was time to get ready for high school, we both decided to apply for Townview Magnet Center. I applied for Business and she applied for Health and Professions. The biggest joy of all was to find out we had both been accepted there and could go together. The first year of high school went by well, the only thing was that we did not get to have a class together. The only period we did have together was lunch and it was not bad, we still got to maintain our close bond. During freshman year Annita ended up having her fifteenth birthday party and I was one of the first people she asked to be in it. It was fun and we had a good time at her party. We also

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