One Last Chance at Friendship

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It was a normal day at the Fairy Tail everyone was rowdy and causing mischief. Natsu had just gotten into a fight with Gray and won rather quickly so now he had his eyes set on a bigger fish. Hey Lucy have you seen Erza the dragon slayer asked. No I haven’t thinking about it I haven’t seen Erza in two days Lucy replied. Wonder where she’s at Natsu said aloud. Why don’t you ask Mira flame brain Grey says. Didn’t I just get done mopping the floor with your sorry butt perv Natsu replied. Oh really that was a warm up Grey answered back. Then lets do this I’m all fired up Natsu said. Hold it boys what about Erza Lucy interjected right before they were about to go at it. Your right Natsu said. Lucy Grey and Natsu walked over to where Mira was working cleaning the destruction the brawls had caused. Hey Mira did Erza take a job Lucy asked. No she didn’t but I did give her some mail she ran of after reading it Mira said. Where was it from Grey asked. The Magic Council Mira replied. If there trying to Erza away I’m going to beat some knowledge into their skulls Natsu said. Natsu grabbed Lucy by the arm and ran out of the guild with Grey in hot pursuit. A few mintutes later Happy awoke to find the Natsu and the gang abandoned him. Why did they leave me Happy cried. Elsewhere’s at the Magic Councils Prison. I am Erza Scarlet of Fairy Tail here to see the prisoner Jellal Fernandes Erza says with her usual tact and self restrain to the guard. Right this way Miss Scarlet the guard said. I

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