Essay on One Nation Under Walmart

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Since the early ages of man there has always been dominating individuals, people that that are either physically stronger, smarter and/or both, compared to others. It is because of these individuals that the human race has survived. The stronger, smarter individuals became leaders and were the guides for the lesser individuals. As is in the case of Walmart, the world's largest corporation, a dominating leader, in the business of offering consumer goods at low prices. Any leader will come under scrutiny at some point during their rule, so it seems natural that Walmart would. In the past few years, Walmart has been criticized publicly for a number of reasons. Though, as with any negative information ever received, one must always consider…show more content…
The Walmart Corporation has become the world's largest corporation, a great leader in the retail world, and as with any great leader, the corporation has come under much scrutiny. There are numerous blog sites that can be found on the internet that have the sole mission to give the Walmart Corporation a bad name. Such blog sites, such as Stop Walmart and Walmart Sucks portray Walmart as a horrendous place to work, a sickening place to shop, and pretty much the worst company out there. The blogs list, and seem to somewhat glorify, Walmart employee's negative experiences. They publish negative customer experiences, and blame the Walmart Corporation for negligence, when in actuality some of the occurrences were beyond the company's control. For instance, in a recent article published on the Walmart Sucks blog site titled "Walmart Couldn't Care Less About Child Abduction", Walmart is actually blamed for an attempted child abduction. The blog's author writes that he encountered a little girl, who was separated from her mother in a Walmart store, and he enlisted the help of store personnel. He stated that the cashiers showed lack of concern for the lost little girl and that a woman, who was not the girl's mother, attempted to abduct the girl. He goes on to wrongly blame Walmart for this whole occurrence, when in actuality it was the girl's mother who was at fault and should have been watching her child. It was
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