One Of The First Things Children Learn In School Is How

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One of the first things children learn in school is how to read and write. These are integral literacy skills that students will build their whole lives. The question is, how do we properly teach these necessary skills to our students? As a teacher, we must understand all the learning theories to better address the literacy development of our students. Students need to have interesting, engaging, proper-leveled books to learn how to read. Writing made fun by teaching lessons such as writer’s workshops, creating their own books, and writing to pen pals, keeps students interest in developing their skills. When student learn the basic foundations of literacy they can develop their skills further and reach a high level of thinking. Literacy…show more content…
I personally believe that student’s literacy development is dependent on their teacher, school district, and home life. Each of these factors can directly affect how students learn literacy. If the student has a teacher that does not understand their literacy needs they can fall behind and struggle in the future. They need a teacher who will take time with them and create a positive literacy environment. If they are in a school district that does not put an importance on early literacy skills they will also fall behind because those basic skills are necessary to build upon high-level literacy skills. If students have parents that are illiterate they will have a harder time with literacy development. They will not have people at home reading to them or there to help them read. This is very difficult for the student and they may not achieve at the same level as students that have more than 100 books at home, parents that read to them every day, and access at home to literacy help. Establishing a literate environment is very important in students’ literacy development. A classroom must have a large array of literature from all genres as well as in the students’ literacy level. It is important to have literature in the classroom for students to learn from. They will learn how to sound out words, identify letters, and put letter sounds together to form words. Literacy groups are great tools for students, as they get a little

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