The Main Components Of An Effective Writer 's Workshop

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Times are changing and so too are traditional roles in diverse classrooms. No longer is writing just strictly done in the English class. Subjects are intertwining as students are connecting more and more of their worlds. Reading and writing are vital components of all subject matters, for early literacy is linked with academic achievement and beyond. Donald Graves, who many consider the founder of the Writing Workshop movement, states that writing is important because it is “a highly complex act that demands the analysis and synthesis of many levels of thinking” (Graves, 1978 p. 6). As such, in order to address the growing needs of a 21st century learner, all teachers must incorporate literacy into their present curriculum. One way to do …show more content…

Some describe this as a workman like atmosphere for writing. This means that students must be familiar with certain standards that are associated with the workforce. For example, they must be respectful of other students while they are working and adhere to certain requirements such as due dates and deadlines. This is similar to what students would expect when they eventually enter the workforce. Experts say that this is in essence one way to prepare students about what they can expect in their futures.
Once the idea of structure is set, the next element of the Writer’s Workshop is the idea of free choice. This is exactly like what it sounds like. Students are given the choice and freedom to write about what they so choose with regard to a given topic. This also assists in allowing students to take ownership of their learning process. In the classroom this may take on different forms of how students are writing or even what they are writing. Some of these elements as well as other freedoms such as typing, writing, or presentation method may be up to the teacher’s discretion to best serve the interest of each student.
After the initial structure is set in place, the next element of the Writer’s Workshop is useful mini-lessons. Mini-lessons are a crucial aspect to success in the writing process. This is where new concepts are taught

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