One Of The Greatest American Mysteries Is The Death Of

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One of the greatest American mysteries is the death of Edgar Allen Poe. The notorious writer and poet wrote some of the greatest mysteries and left us with one also. Edgar Allen Poe was born January 19th, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts. Both parents died before he was three years old. Poe was raised in Richmond, Virginia by his adoptive parents. When Poe left West Point he moved to Baltimore, Maryland with his aunt and her daughter Virginia. Poe later married Virginia in 1836; she was fourteen and he was twenty seven. Although they had no children that we know of, they were married for eleven years ending with her death from tuberculosis in 1847. It 's clear that Poe wrote his best work while married to his Virginia with works like the …show more content…

Edgar Allen Poe was laid to rest on October 9th at Westminster Hall and burying ground in Baltimore, Maryland. Now everyone has theories about what ultimately killed Poe and how he even came to be in Baltimore. These theories include epilepsy, dipsomania, heart problems, a toxic disorder, hypoglycemia, diabetes, alcohol dehydrogenase, porphyria, delerium tremens, carbon monoxide poisoning, a brain tumor, heavy metal poisoning, and even the flu. The only theory that can be perceived as to his location is that he may had stopped to court another young women to engage himself to Medical professionals have other leading theories that Poe may have had rabies possibly contracted from his cat. A cause for the brain congestion noted on the death certificate could have been from a possible brawl. People still speculate that he was murdered but with no significant motives or suspects toward this. Then there is the idea of "cooping" which to me makes more sense. Cooping was a common practice in which citizens were kidnapped right before an election. They were beaten, drugged, forced to consume alcohol and then were sent to polling stations. The kidnappers worked for a political party and would even dress the victims in multiple disguises and have them go to the same polling stations. This theory makes sense to me because Poe was found outside of a voting location on election day. He was not wearing his

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