One Ordinary Day With Wallets Short Story

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One Ordinary Day, with Wallets Mr. Johnson put on his uncomfortable shoes and then trudged out into the way to bright and shiny morning sunshine. He was not in the best of moods, so when he stopped at a newspaper stand to pick up his daily morning newspaper, he spoke angrily to the salesperson to “hurry up.” When another man came to buy a paper, Mr. Johnson quickly stole his wallet and hid it in a secret pocket in his jacket. Then he acted extremely apologetic when the man couldn’t find it and even paid the 60 cents for the paper, so as to not seem suspicious. When he had walked a few blocks away from the newspaper stand Mr. Johnson hunched over some and began to walk slowly. He arrived at a crosswalk and then started to painfully cross it. A naive woman quickly ran up and said “Would you like me to assist you, sir?”
Mr. Johnson eyed the expensive looking dress and shoes the lady was wearing and replied “Yes, thank you, it is so kind of you to aid me.”
As they reached the sidewalk the lady said” Where are you headed?” “Oh, just simply down the street to the drugstore to buy myself some heart medication.” Mr. Johnson said.
The woman said, “Well, then I’ll walk you there.”
Mr. Johnson then replied “Oh that won’t be necessary, but I appreciate your kindness in helping me across the street.” Then he swiftly and sneakily stole her wallet from her purse and rushed away. She was dumbfounded about how he was suddenly able to walk fast, but simply shrugged it off and went about her day, not knowing that her wallet was gone until it was too late. Mr. Johnson then headed to a hot dog cart, along the way pickpocketing three more wallets off of rich looking businessmen. When he got there he asked for a hot dog with mustard. The man gave him one and just as Mr. Johnson was about to take a bite, he “accidentally” dropped it. The man at the cart said “Oh sir, I’m so sorry, let me fetch you another one.” Mr. Johnson sweetly replied “ Thank you so much, I am so glad that there are people like you in the world.” The man gave him another hot dog and Mr. Johnson took a bite. He then cried “This is the worst hot dog stand in New York, the meat is too hot and the bun is too cold.” He then stormed away, bumping a staring
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