Ongoing Evaluation Paper

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According to the Carroll Iwasiw and Dolly Goldenberg (2015), “ongoing evaluation is the deliberative, continues, repeated, and careful critique of curriculum ideas, products, and processes during and after their creation, implementation, and evaluation (p.49).” It means evaluators will check and make sure via more than one time about concepts, products, and procedures throughout ongoing assessment. The evaluation team will discuss and analysis the advantages and disadvantages about curriculum work during ongoing evaluation. Also, they will compare the new idea with the previous concepts that already presented and determined in the domains.
The value of ongoing assessment is to discover the evidence of the assessment in the curriculum. Each one in the group knows the value of his/her idea and knowledge about curriculum work. Faculty members, students, and stakeholders should be involved in ongoing assessment because each one has particular perspective and special idea about curriculum. However, faculty members have more opportunities to decide the final opinions more than other members because they previously have appropriate experience and knowledge about curriculum. The important things should be assessed in curriculum work are concepts, knowledges, professional judgement, products, processes throughout and after developed, implementation, and evaluation (Iwasiw & Goldenberg, 2015). Faculty can assure that ongoing assessment is built into
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(2015). Ongoing appraisal in curriculum work. (Eds.), Curriculum development in nursing education (pp. 49-57).
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