Online Tattoo Research Paper

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Max White
Tuesday, March 10, 2015
Period 2

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Your online life is as permanent as a tattoo. The unique thing about tattoos is that, without speaking, tattoos really do shout [Beautiful] [Intriguing] [Intimate] [Serious-Mistakes]. What if Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, youtube, and all these social media applications and websites you use everyday turn out to be electronic tattoos?

What if these electronic tattoos provided as much information about who and what you are as any tattoo ever would? Your electronic tattoo is a collection of all the traces you leave in social media and on the internet. Part of your tattoo is voluntary, like what you put on your facebook or instagram profile, but the other half of your tattoo is involuntary, like the cookies a site stores in your browser, and the content your school and district collects about your use of their equipment. All this data is what makes up your electronic tattoo, and can be aggregated at any time to build a profile of your personality and behavior.

These electronic tattoos also shout. And as you're thinking of the consequences of that, it's getting really hard to hide from this stuff, because it's not just the electronic tattoos, it's facial recognition
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The impression this virtual identity makes is lasting and can be decisive as to the fate of the job or college you are seeking. In fact over 80% of College Admissions Officers use Facebook and many other social media application to Evaluate Applicants, and another 80% of Law enforcement personnel use Social Media to conduct investigations. It does feel scary that every single mark you make online is added to your overall digital tattoo, and one that will stay alive even after your death. Think again about it! What you are doing online is and will never be
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