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Online Therapy Sites Online therapy is professional counseling services that are offered over the internet. Online therapy allows clients and professionals to communicate over the internet without having to communicate in the traditional office visits. In addition, online therapy allows clients and patients to attend online counseling in which the clients will feel more comfortable and less intimidated. On the other hand, clients are more likely to be open and honest when communicating through online sessions. As a result, counselors will be able to provide better and more effective treatment options and plans for the clients. Furthermore, online therapy is available to clients who have difficulty making appointments on-time and in the…show more content…
Before beginning the online process, each client has to fill out an online questionnaire. Once Jacqueline receives the client’s questionnaire, she will then review it and provide suggestions. Clients can e-mail her as many times as they would like. Furthermore, if a client wants to communicate over the phone, then Jackie will prepare a different schedule for the clients in which it is a different process than the online process ("Marriage Matters, LLC - Online Counseling", 2013). Additionally, Jackie provides online counseling that allows clients to work with their spouses through online interaction. In general, Jackie believes that online counseling works because clients are able to get assistance quickly about their main concerns. Nevertheless, Jackie feels that she provides a concrete understanding and provides suggestions and recommendations that will help clients to clarify, resolve, or improve the situation that is present. Jackie strives at working with many clients by providing follow-up clarification and explanations if need be. This will help clients to improve their lives and be able to move forward in life without any obstacles. Furthermore, Jackie feels that online counseling allows clients to take as much time as needed in order to provide information about their situation and be able to get a quickly respond back. Also, there are printable documents that clients can review and clients do not need to make any appointments.

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