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Only 15 “You ready ?” Travis asked Savannah as he started to get undressed .”Travis are you sure we should do this ?”Babe there’s nothing to worry about . It will be okay . Now take your clothes off .”he answered back .”We won’t get caught by my parents because are gone for the whole weekend and if you try and back out you never loved me.””I do love you”Savannah answered back quickly and frantically .”Then lay down” Travis said with a smirk . “I can’t believe you let this happen ?!”Savannah’s mother screamed at her.”I’m sorry mom , I didn’t know .” They went back and forth in the spacious ford mustang . Savannah was only 15 going on 30 . Having a child,what a responsibility . It was surprising . She …show more content…

She sat down as her mother went to talk to the doctor . He nodded, looked towards Savannah and shuffled his way towards her . “You must be Savannah . I’m Doctor Josh . Your mother has explained your current situation to me and said it would be best for it to be ‘solved’. How about you follow me back to the operating room and we start on getting that situation out of the way .”He said with sarcasm . As Savannah was lead to the room she saw baby pictures on the wall . It made her sick . But she fought it . “Here . Put this on please .”He said as he handed her an operating dress . She got dressed and laid on the bed not ready for what was coming her way . “Okay Ms.Smith here what is going to happen . I will insert a local anesthetic into your cervix so you will not feel anything . Hopefully you won’t . Then a tube will be inserted into your uterus through your private area and will remove the child through suction . Oh good . Here comes Nurse Mary to help .”Doctor John explained in very specific details . As Nurse Mary stepped into the room Savannah felt a few tears run down her face .”You must be Savannah .”the nurse said .”How old are you honey ?” she questioned .”15 M’am .”Savannah answered back .”Was this your choice ?””No. My mom said it’s the best thing .””Honey is this even what you want ?””Well no . This is my first child . I would love to keep it but my mom said it will make my life worse .”Savannah said as she started to

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