Only 15 - Original Writing

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Only 15 “You ready ?” Travis asked Savannah as he started to get undressed .”Travis are you sure we should do this ?”Babe there’s nothing to worry about . It will be okay . Now take your clothes off .”he answered back .”We won’t get caught by my parents because are gone for the whole weekend and if you try and back out you never loved me.””I do love you”Savannah answered back quickly and frantically .”Then lay down” Travis said with a smirk . “I can’t believe you let this happen ?!”Savannah’s mother screamed at her.”I’m sorry mom , I didn’t know .” They went back and forth in the spacious ford mustang . Savannah was only 15 going on 30 . Having a child,what a responsibility . It was surprising . She never wanted it to happen but she loved Travis . Her mother would not stop yelling . So she blanked her out for the rest of the car ride .”We’re here . C’mon .”her mother said with a little attitude . “No”Savannah thought . It is her child . She can’t give it up just because of her age . DO NOT go to those doors . But then she felt the sensation in her legs . She was walking . Her heart started to beat faster by the second . “THUMP THUMP THUMP”that’s all she felt as her body got closer to those double doors . “No, please no . I don’t wanna kill him/her . It’s my child please .”Her thoughts got deeper as she started to wonder if it’s meant to be. It is . If she can’t get her legs to stop moving towards those doors then it was time . As she…
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