Open Domestic Adoption Benefits versus Risks

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Open Domestic adoption Benefits vs. Risks

“However [Parenthood] comes to you, it’s a miracle” (Morton). The definition to “Open adoption is an adoption in which the child is aware that he or she was adopted and one in which he or she may or may not have contact with the Birth parents” (Sember). Although Open adoption has its benefits and risks, open adoption does significant things for children in their lives, open adoption should be the first choice for Americans who are seeking to adopt because it helps the health of everyone. Birth Parents should choose open adoption because open adoption keeps them involved in their biological child’s life. In Adoption the Answer Book, Brette McWhorter Sember defines “Kinship agreement as an agreement outlining contact that Birth Parents … will have with a child who has been adopted “(180) and the agreement can also be called “Post- Adoption Agreement” (181). In the agreement, Birth parents, Adoptive parents and Adoptees can set up phone calls to the adoptive parents or child (when old enough), can exchange photos, gifts, letters, e-mails and other mementos of the child’s biological family (Beauvais- Godwin). The agreement helps the birth parents not over step bound and step on the toes of Adoptive parents. Receiving the pictures give a sense of affirmation, they made the right choice and that the adoptee is doing well. Others believe that open adoption is a way to get that benefits of parenting without the expense of parenting.

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