Operant Conditioning Operaant Behavior

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The situation that I wish to change is my brother chooses to play video games from as soon as he gets home to when he goes to bed and staying up late to do so. This causes him to fall behind on assignments as well as not get enough sleep to where it is difficult for him to get up in the morning. As well as missing classes when he oversleeps. This behavior has been going on for a couple years and has gotten worse within the past couple months. The operant behavior in this situation would be playing video games all night.

Operant conditioning is a form of learning where reinforcement or punishment is used to increase or decrease a behavior from reoccurring in the future. The frequency of the behavior now before is when ever there is a chance to play video games he is. He probably plays for eight hours a day on average. I'm hoping that after intervention that it will be only a couple hours a day, and only after everything else has been completes such as assignments. One method I would use would be negative reinforcement, which is taking something away from the environment to decrease his behavior. In this case since he was missing classes and not doing school work I would take …show more content…

An example would be whenever he doesn't go straight to video games give a reward. Then when he chooses the work on assignments before video games give reward, and when he chooses to go to bed earlier instead of staying up late give reward. Observational learning is learning by watching someone else and then modeling their behaviors. Vicarious conditioning is when you learn what can happen in a situation by seeing it happen to someone else. An example of vicarious conditioning would be if he sees someone fail out and get reprimanded because they focused more on playing video games then school. He would then see the what can happen when you don't do assignments and miss class and it might cause him to want to do assignments and go to bed earlier so he can get up and make it to

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