Operant Conditioning

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Personal happiness can be dependent upon another person or organism's behavior. This theory most definitely applies to me. I have a part-time job working at a daycare. One of my responsibilities is to help the afterschool kids with their homework. One child in particular, Sally, requires a lot of bribing and nagging to get her to start on her homework. I would be significantly happier at work if Sally would get out her homework after being asked only once, without being bribed. Using the operant conditioning and shaping method, I plan to get Sally to meet the goal, which is to start her homework after being asked only once without being bribed.The first day I started my operant conditioning plan, I asked Sally very nicely to get out her homework. Sally responded by whining saying that she wanted to do it at home. I then asked her a few more times only to be met with the same response. Seeing that I was getting nowhere, I then told her that if she started on her homework now, in fifteen minutes I would let her stop and play with Barbies. It was only then with the bribe that she got out her homework. After Sally…show more content…
One thing I learned is that consistency is key. I followed the same protocol everyday, Sally never wondered what was expected of her. Another thing I learned is that what you do in response to the behavior largely impacts the outcome of the subjects behavior next time. I had a few regrets during my operant conditioning plan. My first and foremost regret is the fact that I bribed Sally into doing her homework the first day. In doing so I indirectly taught Sally that if she did not listen she would get things in return if she just kept dragging her feet. I should have given her a negative punishment, not a bribe that reinforced the undesirable behavior. All in all the operant conditioning plan method was a success. My goal for Sally to pull her homework out the first time I asked was
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