Operant Conditioning Program Analysis

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A weight loss program in a month is a hard obstacle to tackle. If a roommate is in need of help so that he can lose weight to make the football team, there are ways in which you can help. A behavior modification program can be set up to help the roommate. To begin, the principles of operant conditioning will get him started on his weight loss journey. In order for a successful program we need to use positive reinforcement, progress reports, and a schedule of reinforcement.
First off, the most effective way one should create a behavior modification program is based upon the ideas of operant conditioning. Operant conditioning is: learning controlled by the consequences of the organism’s behavior. There are two main categories of operant conditioning.
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A variable interval schedule works on an average time schedule, with the actual interval varying randomly. A variable schedule is shown to cultivate more positive rates of response than a consistent schedule. Meanwhile the roommate will be partially reinforced. This means that he will not be reinforced for every time that he loses weight, but only at random intervals. This partial reinforcement is shown to slow down the extinction rates of the desired behavior. Next, we will set the average time interval to be five days. For example, after the first day of the month when the roommate is initially weighed, we will weigh him seven days after the initial weigh in, and then 3 days after that. By doing this, the average weigh in time is still five days. However, the actual interval is still at random. Lastly, only various times that the roommate loses weight, he will receive his gold star as a stimulus for positive reinforcement. After one month of receiving positive reinforcement in the form of a gold star, the roommate will understand what he should be doing to lose weight.
In conclusion, using the principle of positive reinforcement in this program will successfully help the roommate to lose weight and to gain a position on the football team. By using positive reinforcement and a variable interval schedule of reinforcement, the behavior modification program will be
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