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Wolf Motors Case Study 1. What recommendations would you make to John Wolf with respect to structuring the supplier relationship process for the Wolf Motors dealership network?
The recommendations I would suggest for structuring the supplier relationship process for the Wolf Motors dealership network are Wolf Motors should consider a centralized corporate level Materials Management System to consolidate buying decisions for each of the 4 dealerships. This would facilitate greater leveraging with suppliers for consistent quality-control. They should study, calculate and make effective decisions on the materials that should be brought for each of the four dealerships instead of allowing each dealer to do it on their own. An automated …show more content…

Wolf has to work with the distributor to identify and select only those brands or products that meet the quality standards which they have set. An objective would be to reduce the number of suppliers in the purchasing process by identifying a single source distributor for as many supply and product acquisitions as possible. The number of transactions could also be minimized so that it would be helpful in maintaining the desired inventory levels allowing the Wolf to realize the additional cost savings. Lubricants can be available at many places outside the company for the less cost but whereas the GM parts can be get only from the company and therefore the feasibility is less for GM parts where the lubricants can be got from various suppliers that to for a very less cost.

3. How can supply chain design and integration help John Wolf reduce investment and space requirements while maintaining adequate service levels?
Using Supply-Chain Management to reduce space and investment requirements while maintaining adequate service levels is that when an effective supply-chain management, Wolf Motors can streamline the acquisition processes and maintain efficient inventory control while reducing unnecessary inventory warehousing. Wolf Motors could analyze the historical inventory turnover rates to diagnose the appropriate range of supplies that should be on hand in each and every category. Wolf

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