Essay on Operation Market Garden

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Operation market Garden officially ended. The withdrawal of the 1st British Airborne Division and the few poled who had reached the perimeter continued until the Tuesday morning. Daylight made it impossible for the remaining soldiers to cross the river in full sight of the Germans. Urquhart's Division was almost annihilated. Of the original 10,000 men who arrived at the Arnhem sector during Operation Market Garden A only 2,000 the village of Priel, the rest were killed, wounded, or taken prisoner." Operation Market Garden, a ten day battle during World War II, that took place in the fall of 1944.B The main objective was to try and take the bridges that led across the major rivers of the German sieged …show more content…

General Gustav Von Zangen was a well rounded man who had some of the greatest tactical advisors in the German fleet at the time. Perhaps it was why the Germans crushed the American troops so badly that cold day of September the 26th, 1944. Operation Market Garden, where did it fail and why? Not many are sure. The Americans greatest battle advisors had a major hand in all of this. Despite the major loss at Anheim, it did not damage the well known American prestige that pressed for victory. By losing this battle it only brought America closer together and did the final push that got them the victory in which they needed to take victory in World War II In the end the United States won the war, and this battle was not lost in vain. It could be possible that if the American troops had looked over the plans of their attack and looked at every possible outcome of this battle, maybe not so many lives could have been lost. Operation Market Garden is not a battle many people have heard of off hand and it doesn't quite get the recognition that it should get being that so many people lost their lives there. Without this operation who knows the outcome of the war. Even if we did happen to lose this clever

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