Operations Research Test Questions

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IE121 First Term 2013-2014 Quiz No. 2 (Part 2) Due: July 29, 2013 (Monday) Instructions:    Solve the following problems neatly, completely, inteligently, and honestly on short bond papers. Use the software POMQM to solve all the problems except problem #6 where manual solution is needed. Show all the INPUT tables and OUTPUT/RESULTS tables. Interpret all the optimal solutions in layman’s term. 1. Three refineries with daily capacities of 6, 5, and 8 million gallons, respectively, supply three distribution areas with daily demands of 4, 8, and 7 million gallons, respectively. Gasoline is transported to the three distribution areas through a network of pipelines. The transportation cost is P4 per 1000 gallons per pipeline mile.…show more content…
(b) Determine the optimal assignment using the Hungarian method. 7. In the JoShop model of Problem #6, suppose that an additional (fifth) worker becomes available for performing the four jobs at the respective costs of $60, $45, $30, and $80. Is it economical to replace one of the current four workers with the new one? Justify your answer. 8. NASA’s astronaut crew currently includes 10 mission specialists who hold a doctoral degree in either astrophysics or astromedicine. One of these specialists will be assigned to each of the 10 flights scheduled for the upcoming nine months. Mission specialists are responsible for carrying out scientific and medical experiments in space or for launching, retrieving, or repairing satellites. The chief of astronaut personnel, himself a former crew member with three missions under his belt, must decide who should be assigned and trained for each of the very different missions. Clearly, astronauts with medical educations are more suited to missions involving biological or medical experiments, whereas those with engineering- or physics-oriented degrees are best suited to other types of missions. The chief assigns each astronaut a rating on a scale of 1 to 10 for each possible mission, with a 10 being a perfect match for the task at hand and a 1 being a mismatch. Only one specialist is assigned to each flight, and none is reassigned until all others have flown at least once. (a) Who should be assigned
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