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Disruptive and transformational technologies typically appeal to segments of the market that are undeserved, and not to the main stream of the market (Shane, 2009). These technologies have the ability to make traditional tools and processes obsolete virtually overnight. In this paper I use Netflix as an example of a disruptive technology and Toshiba– NEC’s HD-DVD as transformational technology. I begin with a discussion of disruptive technology. Afterwards, I will speak on the success of Netflix; explain the disruptive and shifting technology created once it sustained itself in the market. I then provide a review of transformational technology and explain the transformational change to HD-DVD and the failure to capture and sustain a…show more content…
In August of 2002, Toshiba -NEC proposed the next-generation optical disc format HD DVD (Williams, 2008). HD DVD (High – Definition/Density DVD) transformed the way we view digital media in the early 2000’s. It was predicted that the HD DVD would be the successor to the standard DVD format.
As the creator of the successor to the standard DVD format, Toshiba created a paradigm shift phasing out the standard DVD which played at 704 pixels by 480 pixels and introduced HD DVD which plays at 1920 pixel by 1080 pixels ("The difference between," ). The HD optical disk held up to 15GB on a single side and produced a crisp picture for in home entertainment. The HD DVD Promotion Group was a group of manufacturers and media studios formed to exchange thoughts and ideas to help promote the format worldwide (Rapid Response Team, 2006).
With marketing and management Toshiba convinced companies such as Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, HBO and New Line Cinema to announce support for the HD DVD format. This shift in technology, with the help of HDTV, moved in-home entertainment to new heights. Toshiba-NEC were able to capitalize on the market meeting the needs of the PC – industry – driven – optical – drive business and the next generation DVD media ("Toshiba and nec," 2002). As Toshiba-NEC and its supporters pushed

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