Oral Health

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This essay will describe the nurses role in relation to promoting clients oral health. This

essay begins by firstly describing what oral health is, going on to then answer what is

good oral health care. It then goes on to discuss when and how oral hygiene is promoted

and what the consequences are of bad mouth care.

What is oral health? This is a frequently asked question with many different answers.

Brooker and Waugh state that “ oral care is a basic hygiene need in both healthy and sick

people.” it is an everyday routine which allow us to keep our mouths, gums and teeth in

good condition to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Within the mouth cavity we have teeth and a tongue used along …show more content…

Whilst looking around the mouth cavity the tongue shouldn’t be forgot about. This

must be inspected the same way as done with the gums and surrounding cavity walls. It is

vitally important that every aspect of the mouth cavity is inspected over, as poor oral

hygiene contributes to the wellbeing of clients, especially older people.(Brooker and Waugh


As previously stated oral health is very important to a persons wellbeing, although it may be

more difficult for some people to maintain good oral care on their own. Someone helping

to assist will keep up the importance of this daily routine. If oral hygiene is not provided

daily for people with difficulties they are at a greater risk of developing oral infections.

Nurses and carers have a key role in promoting good oral health, as they are aware that bad

oral hygiene can affect a persons mood, food intake and general health. It is also the nurses

role and responsibility to encourage oral care on a daily basis, as they should be

encouraging clients to participate in their own mouth care where possible. Nurses and

carers should be promoting self-care to clients, as the clients are well aware of the goings

on within their own mouth cavity. This is then an opportunity for the nurses to supervise

and assess whether

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