Oral Health Related Quality Of Life

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Is oral health related quality of life better in population wearing removable partial dentures compared to population not wearing removable partial dentures?

Losing teeth can be due to various factors such as caries, periodontal disease, trauma and oral cancer. It may result in masticatory difficulties affecting the quality of life of an individual. The treatment options for these missing teeth can be implant, fixed prosthesis or conventional removable prosthesis. Removable prosthesis is still being used currently due to its quick and affordability. Oral health-related quality of life (OHRQoL) should be emphasized when providing dental care to elderly people; as it plays a major role in well-being of an individual.1In current days, the average life span of an individual is increasing. So the population of individuals with removable dentures is also increasing.
The paper mainly focuses on how the oral health quality is affecting elderly individuals. In elderly individuals, the quality of life associated with oral health influences the social and emotional aspects of life. In addition, they also influence the dental health such as masticatory ability. The factors influencing the Oral healthy related quality of life include denture status, denture satisfaction, perceived loose denture, the presence of oral pain, the presence of oral ulcer, perceived halitosis and perceived dry mouth.3

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