Oral Health Research Paper

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a)What is the overall topic? Why did you select this topic? Note: though you will NOT be writing in 1st person anywhere else in the paper aside from this section, I am curious why you chose this topic, so for this paper only, please write in 1st person. As a future dental professional, I decided to focus my research on a topic that would be beneficial in my career as a clinician and useful for patient education. Hence, I decided to learn more about oral health. Based on my academic knowledge, so far, there is overwhelming evidence that suggests that a majority number of Americans are unaware of the link between oral health and systemic health. Poor oral health plays a vital role in impacting our overall health. This is mainly due to the lack …show more content…

The textbook briefly discusses certain issues such as chapter 2 government influences on healthcare talks about the rising cost of healthcare and chapter 7 and 8 discusses dental caries in infants and in early childhood that could be useful when I write my paper. d) Referring to the topics/subtopics you chose Healthy People 2020 website, summarize the objectives that Healthy People 2020 created for the subtopics you chose. Some of the objectives in the Healthy People 2020 covered were reducing the proportion of dental caries in primary or permanent teeth as well as untreated tooth decay in children and adolescents and increasing the proportion of preventative dental services such as dental sealants on molar teeth among low-income children and adolescents. These objectives are useful in understand the bigger issue of dental caries as a societal problem and the measures needed to reduce the prevalence. e)Provide 5 websites/resources that you think you could use to help you write this paper. For each, provide a statement on why you may find these resources

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