Organ Donation

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Why Organ Donation Should be Encouraged “I could feel his heart” said Denise Wagner, after listening to his 24-year-old son Jeremy Baran, who died in a car accident, his organs and tissues were used to save the lives of at least seven people and help hundreds more. Denise Wagner mother’s donor, and Susan Adcock transplant recipient were strangers, two ordinary moms who had no idea that they’d be soon be connected by the grief, and hope of an organ transplant. Susan Adcock – a caterer and chef with five children and six grandchildren was on the heart transplant list when her fifth heart attack sent her into cardiac arrest. Adcock has been thankful for Jeremy and his mother since then, she says she “talks” to Jeremy daily and thanks him for the sacrifice that saved her life. Even though for some families the transplant recipient is a painful reminder of what they’ve lost, for Denise it has been a healing process, she’s thrilled to know that his little boy was able to not just save just one life, but five lives. On the other hand, Susan, feels compelled to reach out to Wagner because they were both mothers with children in close age. Wegner had made her decision, she has signed herself to be an organ donor and helped lives just like her boys. As Americans, we must take action for the issue of Organ Donation after death, organ donation is an opportunity to help others. Over 100, 000 people in the U.S. are waiting for an organ transplant, 21 patients die daily waiting for a

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