Organic Food Vs Organic Foods

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In addition, organic foods have a greater amount of vitamins compared to conventionally grown foods. It is commonly known that organically grown foods can have a higher amount of certain vitamins. To begin with, research has concluded organic foods commonly have a higher percentage of antioxidants compared to conventional food. Walter Crinnion notes, “Flavonoid molecules are potent antioxidants” (6). Typically people know the consumption of antioxidants helps strengthen your immune system. However, antioxidants weren't the only vitamin that was found abundantly in organic foods. Other common vitamins that were found in higher percentages in organic foods were vitamin C, iron, phosphorus and magnesium (Crinnion 6). Most people choose to consume fruits and vegetable because they are seen as being a healthy food choice. If you're going to purchase and consume fresh fruits and vegetables why not choose the product that offers the most beneficial vitamins found in it. By choosing organic produce you're getting the most vitamins out of your fruits and vegetables. Parents want their children to have the best start in life that they possibly can. Organic foods are especially beneficial to young children's health. Claudia Hirsch a journalist writes, “Their small frames, fast metabolisms and high intake of grains, fruits and vegetables mean their systems absorb compounds faster and their body functions are affected more quickly and dramatically than those of adults” (78).

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