Organisational Behaviour - Organisational Structure and Culture

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Organizational Structure and Culture Introduction In order to understand and evaluate different business structures one must be aware of the exact meaning and standards, which make that structure. Different business function in different ways. The World today is full of innovative and new structures, company cultures and ways in which companies base their work. Globalization has emphasized the meaning of company culture in ways that have led to completely new ideas, while technology has changed the face of the industry (The Age of Globalization: Impact of Information Technology on Global Business Strategies, 2007). In order to fully grasp the concepts of business structures and cultures the movies “The Devil…show more content…
On the contrary to “Runway” the company culture in the movie “Up In The Air” is very low power distance according to Hofstede. It is a very relaxed and open company culture, where employees get the chance to contribute and talk to their Boss in order to improve the company. The main focus and challenge in this company presents the attempted change of culture due to the possible cost reduction on the base of technology. The main character in the movie, and one of the employees who is very skilled and has a high level of power is very resistant to the change, which has been proposed by the new comer in the company named Natalie. In contrast to “The Devil Wears Prada”, Natalie is accepted into the team very easily and fits into the company culture perfectly. Natalie matched with companies ideas, values and assumptions because she as a new worker with new idea of working was accepted very well from side of the boss. But because in the company were low power distance one of the worker was against idea that Natalie gave to his boss and since is quite difficult to change a company culture there was rebellion. Therefore, she had to adjust to the companies culture that it had and at the end her values and assumptions had changed from the way she was expecting.

Conclusion In conclusion, there are many types of different companies in the world. Some of them are low distance power some of them are high distance power,
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