Organization And Naming Of Files

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Organisation and naming of files; 1. Firstly to start organising and naming your files within your documents, you have to open up ‘my documents’ window. You may want to organise your files and name them all correctly because this will make it easier to find documents when you need to. 2. At the top left hand corner of the documents menu, you will see an ‘organise’ button by clicking on this it will show a drop down menu, which will enable you to; copy, paste, change the layout, rename or delete the file. 3. To rename the files you simply click on the rename button from the organise menu. This will highlight the file name you had picked to rename and will enable you to change the name of the file. 4. When you have changed the name of your file; click enter and the file name will be changed. Once the file name has changed it will still be in the same place as before (it won’t change into alphabetical order, unless you wanted to change them to that, to make it easier to find). Back-up procedures; 1. Firstly click on the start menu and find ‘control panel’. Once you are on the control panel then find ‘system and maintenance’, and click on it. Backing up your files will ensure that if any of your files get deleted or lost you will quickly be able to get them back, as long as you have backed up all of the files you need. If you don’t back up your files properly you may lose all of your files. 2. Once you are on the system and maintenance menu; click on
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