Pos 408 Entire Class Pos 408 Week 1 Individual Assignment Simple Visual Basic Programe

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POS 408 Entire Class

POS 408 Week 1 Individual Assignment Simple Visual Basic Programe

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Design, implement, test, and debug a simple Visual Basic® program.


Create a VB form inside of Visual Studio. The form needs the following components and functionality:

Two text boxes. Limit the boxes to accept only 15 characters. Rename the text boxes to something meaningful (like, 'txtFirstName')

Two labels to the left of the text boxes that prompts the user to enter a first and last name. Rename the labels.

Two buttons. One to clear the contents of the text boxes, and one to exit the application. Include …show more content…

Enter the power needed in kilowatts (kW) for the selected appliance.
Enter the number of hours used per day for the selected appliance.

The program should do the following:

Validate that the data entered has the correct format and is within a reasonable range.
Calculate and display the cost for operating a home appliance as soon as the data is entered.

Required programming components

Use a Try/Catch
Use at least one loop
Use a decision structure (if, or case)
Create a design flow chart.

Use properly labeled and named text boxes, labels, buttons and forms (see the text for proper naming conventions). Include an exit button. Make sure the buttons work.
Be generous with internal documentation. Should have as many lines of documentation as you do code.

Design a GUI for the program that will be intuitive for a novice user.

Write the code for the program and test the results.

Zip the files of the project together.
Post the zipped project folder and flow chart as separate posts in the assignment tab. Name the flow chart document, ‘flow chart’.

Submit the zipped file.

POS 408 Week 2 DQ 1

Reflect on the information from an article you find on the Internet or elsewhere that relates to the topic. Select ONE article and write your reactions, thoughts, and experiences related to the article. As long as the article is somewhat related to our class topics, or to technology generally, it will be fine.

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