Organization Culture At Our Current Company Essay

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Organization culture at our current company is a positive culture and can be categorized by understanding the types of communication in the business, the nature of types of authority as well as how the business is affected by types of relationships. Also, the way that the management team effectively motivates employees as well as the focus on workflow and the effects on productivity which includes relationship building and managing the virtual environment that exists in today’s company culture and ways to streamline workflow and productivity. Our current company has a dominant and observable culture that has a proven track record of valuing employees and recognition of employees’ performance in the call center. “The importance of the corporate culture advocate, therefore, cannot be underestimated. Corporate culture does not just happen by accident. Successful cultures develop with purpose. The business culture advocate fosters a culture that helps individuals and teams work together effectively by clearly defining a meaningful organizational philosophy based on shared values, developing policies and procedures that support that philosophy, and modeling values and beliefs by their actions” (Van et al., 2006). Moreover, the company culture is reflective of managers that care about their direct reports ensuring the work week is balanced by engaging the employees and are working together. The individual teams further enhance the culture by incorporating additional fun

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