Organizational Culture And Leadership Styles Essay

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Assessment II Introduction In this essay, the organisation culture and leadership styles are discussed that would be appropriate for the drug rehabilitation centre. Modes of communication appropriate to the chosen organisation and workplace stress management and strategies are also discussed. This service employs 20 rehabilitation officers. Below is a hierarchical chart of the Drug rehabilitation service. The formal authority structures required in the Drug Rehabilitation Service include Board of directors, Chief executive and Managers. The board of directors are responsible for designing the overall strategy and direction of the organisation. The chief executive is responsible for making upper level management decisions on behalf of the board of directors. The managers are responsible for putting the strategies of the Drug Rehabilitation Service into action by through training the officers in accordance with these strategies. The officers are responsible for day to day activities and tasks including identifying new bail applicants with drug problems and encouraging them to join a rehabilitation program. These officers are responsible for intervening and assessing the offender to rehabilitate them. Organizational Culture Organisational culture refers to the behaviours of people at work, their shared beliefs and values. Schein (1992, p.12) describes this as a set pattern of assumptions that a team shares as they learn working together over a period of time. Organisations
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