Organization Prohibits Discrimination And Harassment Essay

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The objective of this assignment is to determine how organization prohibits discrimination and harassment in their workforce. As Human Resources, this assignment is going to review the policies, procedure, and regulation of how Sheridan College provides a workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment.
This assignment will narrow down the information to inform faculty members’ knowledge on following the academic policies and respect the reputation of Sheridan College. Sheridan College is a unique institution that adapt student’s skills and knowledge on areas of studies. . Sheridan College has four campuses located in the Greater Toronto Area. The main location that this research will focus on is the Hazel McCallion Campus, which is located in Mississauga, Ontario. There are approximately 480 faculty members that are employed at McCallion Campus. These employees maintained a high level education in a specific area of studies to service those who are international, and domestic students
Instructor, who are employed at Sheridan College has obtain high level education within a specific areas of study. The requirement for these instructors are having a University Degree, preferred Ph.D. or Masters of Education degree, plus Valid Ontario Teacher’s Certification. For a professional educator, it is their duty to present themselves professionally, having the skill to operate new software’s, and maintaining 5 or more years of experience in areas of study. (Sheridan

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