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  • OFD Faculty Analysis

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    administers three different types of faculty assessments for Rice. They are the Faculty Exit Survey, Faculty Climate Survey, and the FIF-Assessment of Evidence-Based Teaching at Rice. The OFD also analyzes student teaching evaluations. In addition, the OFD’s Faculty Advisory Committee gathers data across the campus and ensures “on-going assessment of multiple dimensions of faculty status” (Advisory Comm to OFD Charge, 2016, para. 1). According to Amborski (2017), the faculty exit survey helps the OFD gauge

  • Faculty Resistance And Outcomes Assessment

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    Faculty resistance to Outcomes Assessment (OA) As stated by Driscoll & Wood, (2007), the possible faculty resistance to OA include the following, “It’s inflexible, mechanistic, and reductionistic. It’s privileges lower-order measureable knowledge and skills. It’s unresponsive to multiple intelligences and diverse learning styles” (p .8). We would further add that it may indicate what the faculty currently teaches is ineffective. Change is never a popular event. Many individuals are resistant because

  • Our School Has Many Resources And I Wanted To Know If Faculty

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    Our school has many resources and I wanted to know if faculty members knew about all of the resources, how often they used these resources, and what department did they work in, to determine if one department was more informed about our resources. I felt this was the first step in determining if additional resources were needed. Through talking with James, the director of the EJME as well as my principal, Jennie, it was determined that a survey would work best, and that it should be limited in the

  • Designing A Common Web Based System For The University Essay

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    to meet the unique information management needs for students, faculties and for administrators; providing innovative tools to save time and help them achieve their goals. The goal of this project is to create a common web based system for the university; which would allow administrators to manage programs, courses, prerequisites, class schedules for each department at single place throghout any quarter; and this would allow faculties to monitor students’ academic progress; manage class SCHEDULE;

  • A Summary On Action Plan

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    Summary of Action Plan This information was gathered in an interview with Andrea Williams, Principal of Theresa Bunker Elementary School. The action plan most recently implemented was the Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) for the 2015-2016 school year. This is the strategic action plan that is required by the state each year. The district sets forth goals each year with input from the principals in June. The schools in this district start each year planning the CIP for the current school year

  • How Change The System Or Practice Will Achieve The Desired Outcome?

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    Y 1. Do I believe I have the personal capacity to figure out how to change the system or practice to achieve the desired outcome? I have the capacity to figure out how to change the system, but the barrier were the Cabinet not approving the change. Since this was new to them, they didn’t understand in some cases you do need to target groups. N 2. Am I will to do the very hard work necessary to plan and implement the change? I am not responsible for the work in this unit, and their deliverables

  • Caring Moments Essay

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    our fellow students, the faculty, and ourselves. We decided to hand out peppermint candy on test day to help stimulate brain function. we felt this might help us all do well. We also talked to everyone and wished them well on the test which was a good way to help relieve stress. It also gave us an opportunity to meet some of our fellow students that we had never met before and it helped to ease the stress we all were under. We also passed out the peppermints to the faculty as they needed a stress

  • Evaluation And Feedback Of Respective Departments Essay

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    in China, China Alumni Association, and AMBA. For example, we are under the latest round of discipline evaluation of Ministry of Education from May 2016. As for indirect quality management, the Recruitment Committee of HNUBS is responsible for the faculty recruitment. And the Assessment Committee of HNUBS is in

  • Dress Codes In School Administration

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    Procedures for addressing or rectifying dress code violations need to be codified and explained to faculty and staff. Response: • Teachers need to check dress every period, especially first class of the day. Students who are not in compliance should be sent to Mr. Menendez for dress code violation. • If an administrator sees a student that is out of dress code, they do address the issue. Faculty Council suggestion: If you are uncomfortable addressing a student regarding the dress code, please

  • Internship

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    as counseling strategies used. It is your responsibility to ask a second M.S. Faculty member to be your second reader as a member of your exit interview. As faculty are limited as to the number of exit committees they can serve on, it is important to ask early in this process. You will be required to have your paper read by two members of the M.S. Faculty. The first person to review your paper will be your faculty advisor. Once you have made all revisions, and have had it approved by your advisor